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Dyslexia Primer

The North Carolina Branch of the IDA is inviting you to learn about the mission of the International Dyslexia Association, dip into the history, dig into the definition of dyslexia and consider the characteristics of effective instruction. We’ve designed this workshop for those interested in an introduction to dyslexia and are providing a guide to support your participation.  Both the guide and recorded workshop can be accessed anytime below.

Dyslexia Primer Recorded Workshop

Dyslexia Primer Participant Guide 


NCSEAA Scholarship Program

The North Carolina Disabilities Grant Program provides assistance between $9K-17K per year for awarded students who enroll in a participating nonpublic school, including home school. This program is for students with disabilities. For more information please visit their website.

Preparing Your Child with Dyslexia for College

Are you a parent trying to prepare your child for college? Click here for a parent’s perspective and suggestions.


Provider Directories (Coming Soon!)

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