What’s Trending in Structured Literacy?

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What’s Trending in the Science of Reading?

Ten Maxims What We’ve Learned in 50 Years

Research to Support Reid Lyon’s Maxims May 2023

Bonus Episodes 

from the Popular Podcast

Sold A Story

he popular podcast Sold a Story has recently received significant attention from educators, parents, and the Science of Reading advocates. If you enjoyed the original episodes, the bonus content is also a must-listen! The episodes are linked above.

Update on North Carolina’s Implementation of Science of Reading (SOR)


Fifteen of the Most Prevalent Myths About Dyslexia

shared by Stephanie Stollar, creator of The Reading Science Academy



















October is Dyslexia Awareness Month, which presents an opportunity for each of us to recognize the many myths and misunderstandings and to do our part to promote dissemination of accurate information.



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