North Carolina Resources

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The North Carolina Branch of the IDA is inviting you to learn about the mission of the International Dyslexia Association, dip into the history, dig into the definition of dyslexia, and consider the characteristics of effective instruction.

Dyslexia Tool Kit

The North Carolina Exceptional Children’s Assistance Center (ECAC) has developed a Dyslexia Tool Kit to provide support to parents and caregivers in understanding dyslexia and how your child can get the resources they may need.

Dyslexia Primer Workshop

We’ve designed a Dyslexia Primer Workshop for those interested in an introduction to dyslexia and are providing a guide to support your participation.  Both the guide and recorded workshop can be accessed anytime below.

Dyslexia Primer Recorded Workshop

Dyslexia Primer Participant Guide 



Structured Literacy Snapshot Series Recordings

While the “what” of Structured Literacy describes the critical components of literacy instruction, this new series presented by the North Carolina Branch of the IDA will provide snapshots of the “how” by demonstrating instructional routines and activities necessary for these components of skilled reading.

Participant handouts are provided here.


Coffee Chat Videos Series Recordings

Participant handouts are provided here


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